To us, iron sights, back up sights, battle sights or whatever you want to call them are the basic sighting system that needs to be on my AR-15 rifle if I ever need to use it for anything besides recreation. Rugged, dependable, old fashioned iron sights. But of course we all love optics. So when I purchased my first AR-15, one of the first accessories that I looked for was a scope mount that would allow me to keep my BUIS on my weapon along with my scope. I quickly found out that about the only thing available was the 45 degree rail mount. This solved the issue but I wanted something more. Fortunately, I am also part owner of Oregon Swiss Precision, Inc. which is a state of the art machine shop. So, even if it was only one riser for myself or a few for family and friends, I decided that we would design and build our own riser would allow more options than the 45 degree rail mount could provide. What we developed is the DSS- Dual Sight System. A scope riser that is completely unique and has a ton of advantages over other mounts. We went into production in 2013 as interest grew and others saw and used the DSS on the range and in the field with tremendous success. Since the introduction of the DSS, we have introduced several other unique products and have many more in the works. We appreciate the interest in our company and are committed to build innovative, quality products that perform at the highest levels.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!