Madhouse Design's Gun Control System is the only "gun control" that works!  Our GCS allows you to mount a single pistol or multiple pistols in an efficient and organized manner.  It is compact, solid, and can be customized to your needs.  The pistol mount pin is 303 stainless steel with a soft rubber over-mold to protect your weapon.  The pins are interchangeable and will accommodate .22 to .45 caliber pistols.  The swivel body locks in 7 positions at 30° increments or can be locked out and free float for easy access.  The mounting rails are 6061 aluminum and have a Mil-Spec picatinny profile providing a extremely secure mount. All metal, CNC machined components (except over-mold) for strength and durability.

GCS | Build Your System

Single Pistol Mount

Ready to mount almost anywhere you can imagine for quick access. Under your desk, side of night stand or bed, in the cabinet, closet, truck, get the idea. (Includes 2" pre-drilled mounting rail, swivel body and pin size needed.)

Multiple Pistol Mount

Rail lengths available in 1, 2 and 4 foot increments for multiple pistol storage vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. Perfect for retail display, safe rooms, vaults, under shelves, or anywhere you want to store or display your collection. (Order rail length, swivel bodies and pins as needed. 1-4 lengths are not pre-drilled.)

Safe Door Mount

Double rail configuration mounts securely from top of safe door and works with any door width. Accommodates up to 12 pistols in a versatile and compact manner without taking up valuable safe space. (Order safe door mount, swivel bodies and pins as needed.)

GCS | Gun Control System Components

Rails | Safe Door Mount

Mounting rails are constructed with a Mil-Spec picatinny profile for secure mounting of firearms in any position. 4 sizes available for single and multiple pistol mounts or configured as a door safe mount.

Swivel Bodies

Swivel body locks securely in 7 positions or locks out to "free float" for easy access.


Interchangeable pins available in 4 sizes to accommodate most calibers:

22 (.22 caliber)  9MM (9mm, .357, .38 calibers)  40 (.40, 10mm calibers)  45 (.45 caliber)

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