Stay on target with MadHouse Design’s Triple-Port Muzzle Brake.  Engineered for performance in a sleek and compact design, the TMB provides substantial performance improvement when fast and accurate shooting is required.  It evenly distributes excess gas laterally through three precision ports for serious recoil reduction with minimal blow back and muzzle rise.  Solid bottom for minimum dust signature when shooting prone.  No ports facing upwards for uninterrupted view of target from muzzle flash.  Precision machined from 303 stainless steel for strength and resistance against corrosion.  Mil-Spec single point CNC machined threads for optimum fit and alignment.  Available in 5 calibers and 5 finishes to compliment any rifle configuration.

Serious recoil reduction for fast and accurate target acquisition

Minimal blow back and muzzle rise

Sleek and compact design

Precision machined 303 stainless steel

Reduce dust signature when prone

Mil-Spec single point cut threads insure optimum interface

Length: 2.220" Diameter: .900" Weight: 3.00 ounces


.223/5.56  |  .308/7.62  |  AK  |  6.5 Creedmoor  |  6.5 Grendel

Polished  |  Titanium  |  Flat Dark Earth  |  OD Green  |  Black

(AK, Creedmoor, and Grendel only available in Polished and Black finishes)

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TMB | Triple-port Muzzle Brake

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TMB ( Triple-Port Muzzle Brake ) Review


"As a firearms instructor, competitive shooter, and SWAT Operator, I am always looking for the best equipment available. After a day at the range with a box full of muzzle brakes, I chose the Madhouse Design TMB without hesitation. The recoil reduction and lack of muzzle rise made controlled pairs lightning fast. Time is a force multiplier. Having the advantage of Madhouse Design's products on my equipment has taken my shooting to a new level. I recommend their products to each and every person I shoot with except my competition."

J. Brackett

Owner/Instructor Coyote Creek Tactical LLC | 3 Gun Competitive Shooter | SWAT Operator
Great Muzzle Brake! You won’t be disappointed in this purchase. Cut the recoil in half and eliminated muzzle rise on our Anderson Rifle.

Dan Gilman