Xtreme Hybrid Compensator for 308, AK-47, AR-15

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Add some serious attitude to your rifle with the unique profiles of our exclusive compensators.

  • .223 / 5.56
  • .308 / 7.62
  • AK
  • Helix
  • Straight
  • Straight Serrated
  • Tapered

ADD SOME SERIOUS ATTITUDE with the best muzzle brake and compensator hybrid for AR-15s, 308s, and AK-47s.

Add some serious attitude to your AR-15, AK-47, or 308 with the unique profiles of our Xtreme Hybrid Compensators.  This muzzle brake and compensator combination provides key features including its large internal expansion chamber and multiple ports to the top and to the sides. These features create a substantial reduction in muzzle rise and felt recoil to keep you on target. Noise signature and side blast are significantly less than the typical muzzle brake and its solid bottom reduces dust signature when shooting in the prone position. Like our TMB, the XHC is precision machined from 303 stainless steel for strength and resistance against corrosion. 3 calibers, 4 XTREME profiles and 5 finishes to choose from. View our blog to read more about how compensators benefit shooters.


  • Significant reduction in muzzle rise and felt recoil
  • More comfortable noise signature than most muzzle brakes
  • Reduces dust signature when prone
  • Several aggressive profiles for your own unique look
  • Precision CNC machined 303 stainless steel
  • Mil-Spec single point cut threads insure optimum interface
  • Length: 2.060" Diameter: .900" Weight: 2.43-2.83 ounces


.223/5.56 | .308/7.62 | AK
Tapered | Straight Flute | Straight Serrated | Helix
Polished | Titanium | Flat Dark Earth | OD Green | Black
(AK only available in Straight Flute and Helix profiles and Polished and Black finishes)

13 reviews for Xtreme Hybrid Compensator for 308, AK-47, AR-15

  1. Ralph Aiu

    Been running the helix on my cmmg and love it!

  2. Diego J

    Looks amazing. Appears durable. Compensates well.

    Concussion around the rifle is very well felt now. My friend was shooting and I was next to him inline to him and the concussion blast is definitely more noticeable now. Recoil is felt slightly more, feels more like a bolt 223 but no worries there.

  3. Gregory Holmes

    Love my compensator!
    Have not fired it yet, but it looks totally WICKED!!

  4. Labron

    Great fit and finish! Will definitely buy from them again!

  5. Jacob

    I ordered the Tan Straight XHC in 5.56. It honestly works TOO well. With every shot, the muzzle pushed down significantly. To combat this, I drilled out several holes in the bottom of the brake to even out the recoil. with the ten holes on top and now 6 smaller holes in the bottom, it shoots flatter than any brake ever used.

  6. Jim F.

    Nice look and feel… Fit and finish are very nice… Not sure why it comes with 2 crush washers though…. Haven’t had the chance to shoot with them yet but I will do another review after that happens….

  7. Jeff Smith

    Excellent product finishing was perfect

  8. Jonathan

    Just got this in the mail.
    I sighted my .308 AR in without a brake or comp, there wasn’t much kick, but the was a significant amount of muzzle rise when not shooting off a rest/bipod.
    Threw this on, and muzzle rise is reduced significantly! It looks awesome as well!
    I did feel a slight bit more recoil, but it was so insignificant that I’ll chalk it up to being less concerned with keeping my muzzle down, that I actually have the senses to feel what my gun is doing in terms of recoil.

    Will definitely buy again, and recommend to friends!

  9. tomcat81

    Just installed on first build for pistol, and it looks awesome!! Can’t wait to run some rounds through it.

  10. 864 Patriot

    For the price I can’t argue, I’ve bought these 2 times now. 7.62×51 I bought for me and my brother my helix worked great! And looked bad as well, I bought me my other brother and my wife the 5.56 and the results were badass in MY opinion.

  11. JC

    This compensator is awesome and made of good quality. Nice job Madhouse Design!

  12. Joseph

    Nice piece, I opted for the helix design looks well made finish is awesome thanks for the fast shipping. Joe from Jan FL

  13. nick riquinha

    Fit and finish are excellent! The design is eye catching and received lots of questions on the brake.. look forward to trying your other products!

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