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Innovative Firearm Accessories for Handguns and Rifles

We’re a team of three brothers who have been in the manufacturing industry for decades. Our careers have been dedicated to building the dreams of our clients. However, we’ve decided it’s about time we build our own dreams. As proud gun-owners, we now design and manufacture unique solutions to problems that we’ve experienced using firearms, and we only build what we ourselves want to use. Constructed with the quality you’d expect from a professional manufacturing company, our products are sure to impress. 

Our products include dual sight systems for fast target acquisition using either your scope or iron sights, as well as a handgun mount/holder system that provides the ability to mount multiple handguns or pistols in your safe, or to provide secure handgun storage in vehicles or other locations. We also manufacture and sell unique and high performing muzzle brakes and compensators for AR15, AK47, 308, 30 caliber, and a range of other weapons.

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Popular Products

Gun Storage System

Ready to mount almost anywhere you can imagine for quick access. Under your desk, side of night stand or bed, in the cabinet, closet, truck, RV. . . you get the idea.

Triple-Port Muzzle Brake

Our exclusive muzzle brake provides serious recoil reduction for fast and accurate target acquisition with minimal blow-back and muzzle rise for maximum precision.

Dual Sight System

Mount your close range sights and scope simultaneously to “stay in the zone” with great accuracy and no adjustments. This two sight system for the AR-15 is a must-have!