Precision Gun Rest

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Quickly adjust the height of your gun rest for multiple target situations, or multiple shooters, and make fine adjustments with just one hand so you can easily maintain your sight line during adjustments.

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Compact and portable, this gun rest is the best precision shooting rest for target shooting.

No more sand bags! That was one of our objectives when Madhouse Design developed our all-new Precision Gun Rest. The features of our Precision Gun Rest create an extremely stable platform with no movement or adjustments necessary after shooting starts (unlike most sand bags). It is constructed with machined, all metal components, a first class bag, and adjustable feet for a rock solid shooting experience. Our Precision Gun Rest is the best gun rest for target shooting and precision shooting tests; its large speed knob quickly adjusts the height for multiple target situations (or shooters) and allows fine adjustments to be made with just one hand so you can easily maintain your sight line during adjustments. Its compact design makes it so portable, you’ll want to take it with you every time you shoot.



  • Smooth, accurate, one-handed adjustments
  • Stay on target during fine adjustments
  • Height adjusts from 5 to 13 inches
  • Simple to use, no complicated set-up
  • Rock solid with leveling feet for all surfaces
  • Compact and portable
  • CNC machined components
    Width: 12" Depth: 7" Height: 14" Weight: 19 lbs.


Speed knob for quick height adjustments

Large knob for fine adjustments while on sight line

3 reviews for Precision Gun Rest

  1. Scott Fredenburg

    Received mine as a gift. This is most rock steady rest I’ve ever used. Infinitely adjustable. Quality is off the chart.

  2. Bruce W. Stewart

    This gun rest is by far the best I have used. I have been shooting long guns all my life ( I’m 63 ). I now know I will never need to buy another Gun Rest this Precision is very well built.

  3. Robert Campbell

    bought this gun rest at a gun show a couple years ago. works better than anticipated! only rest i’ll ever need. well worth the cost.

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