Pistol Storage & The Versatility of Tactical Gun Mounts

by | Jun 24, 2021

Whether protecting business, property, public, family, or self, selecting proper pistol storage methods and tactical gun mounts is an important component of responsible and effective firearm ownership and use. KELTEK suggests prioritizing the requirements of your firearm before choosing a gun mount. Generally, those priorities are: 

  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • Versatility
  • Protection  

Madhouse Design delivers three primary and versatile handgun storage options to address most situations: The single pistol mount, the gun safe door organizer, and individual gun mount components. Products accommodate .22 to .45 caliber handguns and are available for purchase as kits or individual components so owners can personalize gun storage to meet specific tactical gun mount needs, including gun mounts for cars and door mounted gun racks.

Tactical Gun Mount Versatility

Gun mounts offer firearms owners quick and easy access to their handguns. Bunker Bay suggests several reasons why gun mount versatility is important in protection and self-defense situations and may be preferable to traditional hip or concealed carry holsters. These include keeping firearms hidden, ease of access, and security and safety.

Tactical gun mounts allow owners to keep their handguns hidden from potential burglars and attackers. Bad actors typically are more likely to discharge their own weapons if they see that their targets are also armed. Keeping gun mounts close-at-hand yet hidden allows for quick and efficient firearm access for defense purposes while keeping business, property, others, and self as safe as possible.  

Tactical gun mounts are often more secure than even the best hip holster. Holsters can be uncomfortable and clunky, especially for owners wearing workplace attire or who are on their feet all day. Holsters may shift, and in a defense situation, it can be difficult to draw a firearm if the holster isn’t perfectly secure and exactly where it should be.

A tactical gun mount may be placed on a desk or nightstand in a business or home, respectively, or a gun mount for a car may be appropriate in some situations, such as law enforcement. In either case, it is safely stored within the owner’s reach, where they frequently stand or sit, and it is locked in place. At the time of an attack or robbery, drawing from a gun mount is easier, more efficient, and safer for everyone because the firearm is easily accessible and located exactly where it is supposed to be.

Gun Storage Products for Handguns: Gun Mounts and Gun Safe Door Organizers

Madhouse Design’s single pistol gun mount is designed to be simple, compact and sturdy. It mounts anywhere, so handguns can safely be kept close. The swivel body provides versatility. It is available in four sizes from .22 to .45 caliber. 

Gun safe door organizers by Madhouse Design are available in two configurations: The Safe Door Mount Starter Pack, accommodating two handguns, and the Safe Door Mount Pro Pack for up to 12. The secure, double-rail configuration accommodates any door width, and the swivel bodies are versatile and compact. The gun safe door organizers are available in the aformeentioned four sizes, .22 to .45 caliber.

Madhouse Design’s gun storage systems are available as individual components, enabling countless secure storage configurations, from door-mounted gun racks to gun mounts for cars.

  • Safe door mounted gun racks are an entry point, enabling owners to add components one at a time. The secure and sturdy double-rail system mounts to almost any safe door, holding up to 12 handguns. To help with installation, a drill bit and hardware are included.
  • Mounting rails for tactical gun mounts are designed for horizontal, vertical, or diagonal installation. They are available in four standard lengths: two inches for a single handgun and one-, two-, or four-foot lengths. They are also customizable by the foot, up to 12 feet.
  • Swivel bodies are precision machined and easily lock into place on mounting rails. The head can be locked in one of seven positions or can freely spin for efficient and easy access and gun mount versatility.
  • Caliber pins are machined from stainless steel for strength and feature rubber over-mold for handgun protection. Designed to be interchangeable, they are available in four sizes from .22 to .45 caliber for gun mount flexibility.

Madhouse Design Offers Tactical Gun Mounts and Handgun Storage

In many situations, tactical gun mounts are a safer and more secure option for storing, displaying, and accessing handguns. Whether door mounted gun rack applications for display purposes in the home or gun mounts for cars in a professional setting, such as law enforcement, gun mounts are often a more efficient and safer gun storage choice. 

Madhouse Designs offers a wide range of gun mount options, including single pistol mounts, safe door mounts, or customizable gun storage solutions when components are bought individually. Whatever the owners’ needs, Madhouse Design’s gun mounts can be configured for a safe, reliable, and effective solution.

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