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Mount your close range sights (battle sights, red dot or reflex sight) and your scope simultaneously and “stay in the zone” by targeting close, medium, and long-range targets quickly with great accuracy and no adjustments.

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Madhouse Design’s Dual Sight System elevates the AR-15 from effective to absolutely lethal. By allowing you to mount both your close range sights (battle sights, red dot or reflex sight) and your scope simultaneously, you are able to “stay in the zone” by targeting close, medium and long-range targets quickly, with great accuracy and with no adjustments. By sighting your scope 0 at 100 yards, it maintains +/-1″ off sight line (2″ point blank range) from 80 to 220 yards. Mounting to your upper receiver picatinny rail, the DSS is a solid scope mount with extremely accurate on/off repeatability. The height allows for see-through vision of your close range sights and allows your stock to rest securely and comfortably against your shoulder instead of on top of your shoulder for more accurate long range use. It is also a convenient carry handle for those long excursions. Its rugged design will not only compliment the look of your rifle, but is CNC machined from aircraft quality 6061 aluminum for strength and hard anodized for durability. The Mil-Spec picatinny rail gives you mounting options for most scopes and other accessories such as camera mounts or tactical flashlights for outstanding nighttime home defense.



  • Maintain ±1″ off of sight line from 80 to 220 yards
  • Multiple Sighting Options
  • Secure and comfortable positioning with buttstock against the shoulder not on the shoulder
  • Solid scope mount- accurate on/off repeatability
  • Mil-Spec picatinny rail and mount
  • Becomes a convenient carry handle
  • CNC machined 6061 hard anodized aluminum
  • Length: 8.75″ Height: 2.5″ Weight: 10.89


One of the significant advantages of the DSS is the unique trajectory created by the extra height. With your scope sighted at 0 at 100 yards, it maintains +/-1″ off sight line (2″ point blank range) from 80 to 220 yards and +1″/-3″ (4″ point blank range) from 25 to 255 yards.
Trajectory generated by ballistic calculator created by GunData.org
Ammo used for this chart: .223 Remington, American Eagle (Federal) FMJ, 62 gr. Scope height: 4 1/2″

BUIS, Red Dot, Reflex Sight, Camera, Flashlight

Quickly and accurately change out sighted scopes for various conditions

2 reviews for Dual Sight System

  1. Jeremy

    Purchased for a Smith & Wesson M&P15. Fast delivery (3 days) from Company to Virginia. You can tell it is definitely made to last, quality is excellent. Looks Badass. Super sturdy, great carry handle. Mounted the Top with a Nikon 3×32 BDC and use Magpul MBUS. Plenty of area to see my flip up sights (as well as any other sight you would like to use) and switching between the sights and the scope is super smooth. Only issue I had was the mounts for my sight (p-series by Nikon) were a little higher off the top then I had hoped for. Sent MADHOUSE DESIGN a message on Facebook as to what they would recommend, and was told Weaver Grand Slam Scope mounts. They work excellent and bring the scope more flush to the top of the handle. Excellent Customer service. Overall, I am very pleased with my purchase of the Duel Sight System, and would recommend anyone who wants the option of multiple optics to pick one up. You will not be disappointed! 5 Stars from me!

  2. Colby A. from St. George, UT

    Purchased for my Ruger AR556, I was skeptical about using a 45 degree angle sight on my gun knowing that I would have to alter the comfort positions, now after the use of the Dual Sight I don’t have to compromise comfort and accuracy for precision and exactness. Madhouse Designs really “knocked this out of the park” ! I strongly recommend this product to everyone that isn’t willing to sacrifice comfort & precision. When seconds count in a gunfight upclose or afar you’ll want to have the Dual Sight System on your rail for ease and comfort. I would vote 5+ stars as I was thoroughly impressed!

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