How Muzzle Brakes & Compensators Benefit Shooters

by | Jul 30, 2020

Do you enjoy shooting aside from the bothersome recoil? Do you have trouble reacquiring targets when shooting? You could benefit from adding a muzzle brake or compensator to your rifle. MadHouse Design’s high-quality muzzle brakes and compensators reduce felt recoil, diminish barrel rise, and lessen side to side movement upon shooting your firearm.

How Do Muzzle Brakes Work? | The Benefits of Shooting with a Muzzle Brake

A muzzle brake is a firearm accessory located at the end of the barrel. The concept of a muzzle brake was first introduced for WWII-era anti-tank guns, where they were used to reduce the area needed to take up the strokes of recoil and kickback. Muzzle brakes reduce recoil, barrel rise, and side to side movement when shooting a firearm. Typically, they do this by having holes located on the top and sides of the barrel. When the bullet is fired, the powder and gases propel it forward through the barrel. Upon exiting the barrel, the forces and gases escape out of the top and sides of the muzzle brake. The force coming out of the top of the muzzle reduces the amount of force pushing the barrel up, while the force coming out of the sides of the muzzle helps the firearm stay centered after firing. 

Madhouse Design manufactures high-quality muzzle brakes and compensators for AR-15s, AK-47s, 6.5 Creedmoors, and more. Not only will they assist you when shooting, but they will add some serious attitude to your firearm.

The Best Muzzle Brake for AK-47s, AR-15s & More

You may notice that our Triple-Port Muzzle Brake does not have any holes located on the top or bottom of the product; that’s because our triple-port design actually allows us to further minimize the blowback from your firearm. It also allows recoil to be reduced from side to side in order to ensure you can quickly reacquire your target, a necessity for many shooters. An additional benefit from this design feature is that you will experience minimum dust signature when firing from the prone position, making our high-quality muzzle brakes perfect for long-range target shooting.

When is a Muzzle Brake Necessary? | Competition & Long Range Target Shooting with a Muzzle Brake

While we do see reduced recoil and better aim acquisition with muzzle brakes, there is a time and place for them. Adding a muzzle break to your firearm will increase the sound signature experienced when firing. Make sure you communicate with those around you when firing with a muzzle brake, and always wear proper ear protection when firing.

Competition regulations depend on where you are shooting. Some allow muzzle brakes while others outlaw them in competition. Be sure to check before registering to see if you are allowed to utilize the benefits of a muzzle brake. Be careful when firing with a muzzle brake next to a spotter. If you are looking for the benefits of muzzle brake but you don’t want the added sound pressure, we recommend looking at our hybrid compensator for your firearm. 

Muzzle Brakes vs. Compensators | The Benefits of Shooting with a Compensator

Muzzle brakes and compensators are largely similar products, although they do differ in some areas. While they both have the same objectives, it is the priority of those objectives that you want to be aware of. A muzzle brake’s primary objective is to reduce felt recoil and secondarily aid in lessening muzzle movement, while our hybrid compensators primarily focuses on muzzle movement and sound reduction before felt recoil.

Our Xtreme Hybrid Compensator is not only going to improve your firearm aesthetically, but it also comes with some serious benefits. You can still enjoy the recoil reduction and reduced barrel rise that you would see from our triple port muzzle brake, but this compensator registers significantly less noise than traditional muzzle brakes. Like our triple-port muzzle brake, it also includes a solid bottom to allow for minimum dust signature when firing from the prone position. Our Xtreme Hybrid Compensator comes in three different calibers, four different profiles, and five different finishes.


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