Top Five Firearm Accessories for the AR-15 & Other Rifles

by | Apr 14, 2020

Of the 300 million firearms owned throughout the U.S., the National Shooting Sports Foundations estimates somewhere between 5 and 10 million of them to be AR-15-style rifles. That’s a lot of firepower. But many of those rifle enthusiasts may not know just how much more efficient their sharpshooting could be. As a family-owned firearm accessory manufacturer, Madhouse Design recognizes that your shooting skills can be directly impacted by the way you upgrade your rifles. The gear you use to enhance your shooting matters, and that’s why we’ve made a commitment to designing high-quality, affordable firearm accessories that any gun owner would be proud to feature in their collection. We’ve rounded up a list of some of the most effective purchases you can make to improve your rifles–and your shooting trips. Fortunately for our customers, some of these items are only a click away.

Stronger Pistol Grips for AR-15s

If you purchased a stock AR-15, there’s a good chance it arrived with an A2 grip. These grips are standard and can function as needed, but to many experienced gun owners, they can feel cheap and even a little skinny for the rifle in question. The most common solution to a flimsy or unsuitable grip is the addition of a pistol grip. Pistol grips derive their name from the fact that they closely resemble the grip angle of most pistols as opposed to most traditional rifle grips. Considering the strength, comfort, and overall ergonomic benefits they provide, it’s not a stretch to say attaching a pistol grip to your AR-15 is actually the new norm amongst most experienced rifle owners. Some of the most common pistol grip manufacturers include Magpul and Hogue.

Triple-Port Muzzle Brakes & Hybrid Compensators for AR-15

Another couple of accessories that are frequently paired together, muzzle brakes and hybrid compensators are wonderful upgrades that can help you to reduce recoil and minimize vertical movement of your rifle. Muzzle brakes are primarily designed for the former, and not just for AR-15s; one can find muzzle brakes for 308s, AK-47s, and even 6.5 Creedmoor. Originally created for anti-tank guns during World War II, muzzle brakes are quickly becoming one of the most popular firearm accessories for experienced rifle enthusiasts. They reduce recoil (and muzzle rise) by partially diverting combustion gases at a slight sideways angle so that the momentum of those gases doesn’t inevitably add to the gun’s recoil.

Madhouse Design offers a triple port muzzle brake with Mil-Spec single-point CNC machined threads for the best fit and alignment possible. It is precision machined from stainless steel for additional strength and resistance against corrosion. We also offer an Xtreme Hybrid Compensator for 308s, AK-47s, and AR-15s that significantly reduces muzzle rise, recoil, noise signature, and side blast. Its solid bottom also reduces dust signature when shooting in the prone position. If you’re looking for a way to significantly increase the efficiency of your rifle, we’re confident these high-quality offerings will do the trick.

Free-Floating & Drop-In Handguards | Rail Covers & Rail Protectors

While handguards and rail protectors and technically two separate items, one could reasonably categorize them together as they serve several of the same functions. For reference, there are two different kinds of rifle handguards: free-floating and drop-in. The advantage of free-floating handguards comes in the form of accuracy due to the fact that that it doesn’t touch the barrel. Your hand’s position, as well as any additional gadgets you have, won’t affect barrel harmonics. Free-floating handguards are also available in a wide variety of lengths designed for your comfort.

Meanwhile, the biggest advantage you’ll get from a drop-in handguard is simplicity. Rifle owners shouldn’t need to make any modifications to their AR-15 when installing a drop-in handguard, and because of this design advantage, they’re typically less costly than their free-floating counterparts. Similarly, rail protectors are polymer attachments that improve your grip while also assisting in keeping your Picatinny rails in outstanding shape. Some of the top handguard and rail cover manufacturers include Magpul, STNGR, and Midwest Industries. Like many firearm accessories, choosing between handguards, or between a handguard and a rail cover, simply depends on your rifle and your priorities.

High-Accuracy Dual-Sight Systems for AR-15s

Are you looking for more accuracy in your target shooting and testing? A dual sight system allows shooters to mount both close range sights (typically battle sights, red dots, or reflex sights) and your scope simultaneously. By doing this, experienced shooters will be able to switch between close, medium, and long-range targets quickly and efficiently without making any additional adjustments. With the dual sight system supplied by Madhouse Design, It’s as simple as mounting the device to your upper receiver Picatinny rail.

Our dual sight system is a high-accuracy AR-15 scope mount with intensely accurate on/off repeatability. CNC machined from aircraft-quality aluminum and hard anodized for maximum durability, our dual sight system is designed to improve not only the look but the overall strength of your rifle. Its height allows the stock of your AR-15 to rest comfortably against your shoulder as opposed to on top of it, making it accurate for long-range use and doubling as a convenient carry handle.

Precision Gun Rests For Target Shooting & Testing

It may be easy to overlook, but the right gun rest can do wonders for gun enthusiasts looking to up their target shooting and testing games. Even more so, precision gun rests allow shooters to make fine adjustments with a single hand and easily adjust the height of their rifle for multiple targets. The Precision Gun Rest offered by Madhouse Design does away with sandbags in favor of a highly stable platform that requires no movements or adjustments once shooting begins. Like all of the firearm accessories we manufacture, our precision gun rest is machined all-metal components of the highest quality. Best of all, it is designed to be compact and portable, allowing sharpshooters to take it with them every time they shoot.


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